IT Managed Services & Support

We provide proactive and comprehensive IT support programs for our clients. Our support packages give clients the performance and security they need for their operations, allowing them to solely focus on their business and customers. We help our clients maintain, protect, and monitor every key element in their network.

Help Desk

Our professional and experienced staff provides courteous and responsive support. We listen carefully to our clients and follow up with the proper questions to understand the issue and the best way to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Monitoring & Remote Support

Our Management agent is provided on each computer, so that we can help our clients quickly address any issues. We monitor each computer’s hardware stability and usage and are proactively notified of any irregularities or danger thresholds. We provide Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Spam Blocking (via Outlook Client), and keep it updated. We can also provide filtered Microsoft operating system updates, making sure that each update is stable before allowing it to be released to computers. In addition, our managed service clients get priority response for remote and on-site support.

Managed WIFI

We manage WIFI networks by insuring the fastest speeds are obtained and encryption protocols are secure and current. We handle all support, maintenance, and updates. Our solution provides full and consistent coverage throughout each site with tremendous network throughput.  We can provide multiple secure and isolated WIFI networks for staff, guest, etc.

Hosted Email

We host and support several popular email platforms. Once a suitable platform is selected, we help manage all accounts and changes. Our knowledgeable support team stays up to date on all the latest technology releases and can assist with consultation and support. In addition, we offer an affordable and highly secure email encryption service. Our secure mail platform provides an additional layer of security with true mailbox-to-mailbox encryption.

Office 365

We have the expertise and the partnership to procure the proper licensing for our clients and help successfully implement Office 365 into their environment. We also work with our clients on how to maximize all the tools and functionality that Office 365 has to offer.

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