Today, a huge factor for business success and growth is enabling employees to be as productive and responsive as possible. We offer an extensive and exciting array of communications services; voice, mobility, email, video conferencing, and video surveillance to help businesses achieve heightened success and business growth. These unified communication advancements help our clients enhance the way their employees conduct their jobs and how the company interacts with their customers.

Hosted Phone System

We provide and locally manage our robust SIP voice services, flexible phone system, and phones. We customize our system and voice service for specific business needs. We provide many powerful communication tools and services like; mobile phone integration, voicemail to email, multi-site integration, extension availability monitoring, call recording, auto attendant and extension directory and many other additional features. In addition, all ongoing support, training, and future feature updates are included in our service.

SIP Service

SIP trunk service delivers voice services over the Internet and internal IP network. It replaces the need for expensive traditional telephone line services. We provide superior quality, flexibility and redundancy with our SIP service. Our clients can easily expand or reduce their services at any time. In addition, they can retain their existing telephone number, or we can assign them new numbers as necessary.

Faxing /Texting Integration

Our faxing solution allows our clients the ability to utilize their existing fax equipment and to maintain their existing fax number. In addition, we can assign a new number if they do not have one or if they need an additional number(s). We can also configure our clients’ service to receive inbound text messages to any of their numbers on our hosted voice service.

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